Improving Customer Service
is our End-Game.

Great customer service builds brand loyalty and increases revenue. Poor customer satisfaction leads to a high churn-rate, stagnant growth, and can even be the source of a PR disaster. The stakes are high, but building better customer relationships doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Your contact center holds the key to improving customer service.

Contact centers are the guardians of great customer experiences. But in order to succeed they need to be equipped with the right people, the right technology, and the right support.

The Contact Center Equation

  • People
  • +
  • Technology
  • +
  • Support
  • =
  • Results!

Telax is on a mission to help you excel in all 3 areas. Unlike other vendors, we’re not just another hosted contact center solution ready to plug into your IT infrastructure and walk away. While we obviously keep things simple for your IT team by completely managing the technology in the cloud, we also provide innovative contact center features designed to make it easier to deliver great service and collect valuable business intelligence to help businesses make better decisions.

Get expert help behind the scenes.

At Telax we provide easy-to-use tools, but we don’t just hand our clients the keys and walk away. As proven cloud contact center experts, we’re driven to help you succeed. That’s why we partner with our clients, advise them on how to improve customer service, help them reach contact center goals, and deliver the optimal ROI. Our holistic approach to improving customer service delivers both cutting-edge technology solutions, and industry-leading professional services.

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Improving customer experience leads to:

  • Higher-rates of customer retention.

    Customers stay with businesses that meet their service needs. If you have a high attrition rate, an improved customer experience can help you determine why they're leaving.

  • Increased sales.

    Want to increase sales? Target your existing, happy customers. You've got their attention, you've earned their trust, why wouldn't they want to buy from you?

  • More referrals.

    When people are happy, they introduce you to buyers like themselves. We have proven methods for achieving customer satisfaction.

  • R&D Insights

    Your customers are your best source of information for learning about their evolving needs. How can your company deliver better products and service? Listen to your customers, we’ll tell you what they’re saying.

Telax Customer
Service Tip:

Improving customer satisfaction generally starts with a simplified communication process — make it easy for your customers to get the help they need. This may include offering additional communication channels, reducing wait times with better contact center routing and queue alerts, or training your agents to be more effective listeners and problem solvers.

We can help

How to improve customer service with Telax:

  • Cutting-edge technology solutions geared towardsimproving customer service.
  • Consultancy services (Telax A-Team) helps you identify opportunities for customer service improvements and customize a solution to fit your needs.
  • Ongoing training to instill industry best practices, and optimize agent feature use in order to increase first call resolution and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Intuitive software interface – your agents will be up and running in 20 minutes or less.

What to increase your customer satisfaction? Telax can help.

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