Telax’s IVR Call Center
Solution Enhances Customer
Experience While Driving
Down Costs.

DTMF = Dual Tone Multi Frequency

DTMF is the signal generated when you press your telephone touch keys.

What on earth is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. If you’ve ever dialed your credit card company, and checked your balance by responding to a series of automated prompts, you’ve used an IVR!

How IVR works:

Using computer telephony integration (CTI), IVR Call Center applications can hand off a call to a live person who can then view data directly related to the caller. An IVR application provides: pre-recorded voice responses to guide a caller, DTMF signaling to help a caller get to where they want to be, and gives a caller access to the relevant information they’re looking for.

The Telax IVR can help drive down costs!

Some customers have more straight-forward concerns to address (e.g. checking an account balance or paying a bill), your Telax IVR system helps these customers self-serve without using up the time of a live agent. This means your agent time is freed up to focus on more complex customer cases and/or sales opportunities. When a customer’s problem extends beyond the dynamic menu, the Telax IVR system can quickly lead the caller to the most relevant agent available. It’s a win, win, win solution!

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Telax IVR comes with the bells & whistles
you’re looking for and the ones you
never knew you wanted:

  • Graphical IVR Design Tool

    • Go to market faster with this web-based, drag-and-drop tool specially designed to make setting up call-flows and managing IVR settings simple and easy for the non-programmers in your organization.


  • CRM Integration

    • CRM integration helps agents personalize and better resolve customer calls using CTI screen pops. With integration for Salesforce and most CRM platforms available, the caller information your agent needs becomes automatically available right on their screen.


  • IVR Data & Call Info

    • Compiles call statistics on a queue-by-queue basis including: total calls queued, handled, abandoned, voicemails, callbacks, min-max and average wait times, talk times, and wrap times. If needed, receives identifying data from the IVR system (account number, job number, etc.) and associates that data with the call.


  • Outbound IVR Notification

    • Automated outbound IVR callouts can connect users to a queue to speak to an agent and can be scheduled to ensure you reach customers at a non-disruptive time.


  • Multi-Lingual Support

    • Telax IVR system includes multi-lingual support without the need for additional work or set up. I.e. Instead of setting up three individual call-flows for Spanish, French, and English, one call flow can work for all!


  • Embedded Text-To-Speech

    • Enhanced ability for pre-recorded or dynamically-generated audio. This improves the customer journey by clearly directing callers through a series of simple interactions.


  • Private Data Collection

    • If a user doesn’t want their credit card information to be heard directly by an agent, the Telax system allows the agent to transfer that person to an IVR menu to input the information. The agent is kept up to date on the caller’s progress, and when input is finished – the caller returns the agent uninterrupted.


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IVR Technology and
Industry Specific

IVR & Banking

Surprisingly, as online channels have emerged, banking customer satisfaction has decreased. That’s why many banking institutions have become reliant on hosted IVR technology for customer engagement. IVR supported telephone banking allows customers to check balances and transaction histories as well as to make payments and transfers. And not only can they more effectively interact with customers, but they can also extend business hours to a 24/7 operation.

IVR & Medical

IVR systems allow callers (patients) to obtain data relatively anonymously. Hospitals and clinics have used IVR solutions to help callers receive anonymous access to test results. This is information that could easily be handled by a person but the IVR system is used to preserve privacy and avoid potential embarrassment of sensitive information or test results.

IVR technology is also used by pharmaceutical and contract research organizations to conduct clinical trials and manage large volumes of data: The caller will respond to questions in their preferred language and their responses will be logged into a database. Applications include patient randomization and drug supply management.

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