TORONTO, Canada, February 15, 2017 – Telecom and IT professionals, C-levels and business owners, and developers gathered at the 2017 TMC ITEXPO to learn about all things dedicated to communications solutions. Panel speakers and Cloud contact center solution provider, Telax™ gratified audiences by discussing the new realities of customer satisfaction in the contact center world and the vital impact it plays on the overall health of a business.

“Agents, now more than ever, need to be brand advocates. In no other area of any organization are employees monitored so much, and in no other area are employees expected to be so many things to so many people,” said Telax Product Manager and expo panel speaker, Larry Brown. “They need to be product experts, customer service savvy, compelling communicators and they must be able to accurately detect and convey context, mood and sentiment in every interaction. Yet, in so many organizations, contact center agents are considered low value and we see high turnover in those departments.”

TMC ITEXPO participants learned about contact center operations in their current state, and they learned about the evolvement of customer expectations and available technologies. The phone, although still very important, has become the last resort due to changing expectations and behaviours among customers. This means that implications for the agents – their role, skill sets, workspaces, tools and communications also need to innovate for active and intelligent interaction.

“While you should always focus on the customer experience first, operational metrics are also important, and as long as businesses want to make money, costs will always matter. The operating costs of the contact center in a business will be viewed no differently. However, new metrics centered on quality, sentiment and overall customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly necessary. There’s lots of technology to help measure and improve on, but it’s up to customer service management to exploit the technologies to drive better customer experiences,” explained Larry.


About Telax™

Telax is the only cloud contact center software provider that partners directly with Communication Service Providers (CSP) to become an extension of their product offerings. Businesses get a top-quality contact center software and expertise that integrate seamlessly into their existing operations. The result is a better customer experience today and a better organization tomorrow. And Everybody’s Happy.™