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Getting into the cloud center game can mitigate risk, increase growth potential, lock in your business customers and so much more.

Our partnership makes you an instant expert.

Grow revenue and meet the needs of your customers without up-front costs.

Contact centers are a big job. And acquiring the knowledge and expertise necessary to do it right can be daunting (not to mention expensive). When your partner with Telax, you instantly gain access to our years of experience and knowledge. Making our expertise your expertise, too.

Your success is
our success.

Increasing our bottom line requires us to improve yours.

Our unique Service Provider model means our success relies exclusively on your success. That means that we don’t make money unless you make money! So when we say we’re truly invested in your success, you can be sure we mean it.

Partnering with switch manufactures results in the most reliable product in market.

By partnering with your OEM switch manufacture, we can provide unsurpassed technical credibility, stability, and integration for your end customer — giving you an edge that others just can’t compete with.

Learn how Telax and are keeping customers happy.

Demand for cloud
opportunity for Service Providers

The cloud contact center business is growing every year… by the billions. With a global compound annual growth rate of 25.7%, this profitable market is blooming with opportunity.

With over-the-top solutions providers dominating the conversation, getting into the cloud contact center market early may be critical to future growth than ever imagined.

5 Reasons you can’t afford to ignore this opportunity:

Reason 1

Boost lifetime-value of existing customers.

  • By providing a best-in-class cloud contact center solution, you can help address your business customers’ critical needs — and go from becoming a commodity vendor to being a trusted advisor.
  • The incremental customer interactions resulting from a contact center solution can significantly increase your overall product/service selling opportunities.
Reason 2

Mitigate customer loss.

  • Offering a best-in-class contact center solution can deliver critical value to your business customers; decreasing your risk of losing customers to the competition.
  • As a critical part of their operations, once a business has adopted a contact center platform the likelihood of them moving their business elsewhere significantly decreases.
Reason 3

Increase ability for new client capture.

  • A pay-per-use business model with no up-front capital requirement is a compelling no-lose proposition for new business customers.
  • The flexibility of Cloud Contact Centers drives faster adoption making on-boarding customers (both existing and potential) easy.
Reason 4

Respond to competitive threats and compete in a growing market.

  • Providing a best-in-class solution expands your portfolio and helps you compete with larger Service Providers.
  • Capture the revenue that would otherwise go to over-the-top contact center providers who are targeting your customers.
Reason 5

Build stronger customer relationships.

  • By continually offering a superior product portfolio that fits their needs, you reinforce your commitment to your business customers’ ongoing success.
  • Actively providing business customers with access to the products they want can help foster brand loyalty and lead to happy customers.

Our difference:

We don’t take business from you, we do business with you.

Since the dawn of the cloud-contact industry, competitors have been selling their contact center solution to your customers as an over-the-top product.

We think over-the-top is a little under the belt.


At Telax, we decided to do business differently.

Telax partners with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) so they can offer industry-leading contact center solutions directly to their customers for the best value. That means CSPs and their customers can stay competitive today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


We give you the support you need every step of the way.

As your partner, we ensure that you have the knowledge, tools, resources, and support you need to make your contact center offerings a true success for both you and your Business Customer.

  • Productization
  • Team Training
  • Sales/Marketing Support
  • Implementation Strategies

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