3 ways to maximize agent productivity

For a contact center to transform into a strategic asset, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Among the most important of these: agent productivity. Contact centers can only provide the ideal customer service and support if agents perform their roles as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With that in mind, here are three ways for business leaders to improve their contact center agents’ productivity:


1. Leverage the IVR
Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions are an incredibly useful, and undervalued.. With an IVR, callers can navigate a series of menus to retrieve information or modify their accounts in straightforward, basic ways. So, how does this improve agent productivity? With a well-designed IVR system, agents will no longer need to devote precious time and effort to the most simple of customer problems. Instead, the IVR can take care of such issues. This allows the agent to apply himself or herself to the more complicated, higher-priority client issues. This is a more valuable use of agents’ expertise and time, and will have the additional benefit of improving agent job satisfaction, as employees will be more engaged by these less-repetitive client interactions.


2. Improve training
Providing more effective training to new agents and on-going education to existing agents are two powerful ways of improving productivity in the contact center. One of the biggest problems that contact center managers regularly run into is the high turnover rate. To mitigate the negative impact of this trend, it’s imperative to ensure that new hires are brought up to speed as quickly as possible. At the same time, though, rushing too quickly may lead to under-prepared agents handling customer calls, which can quickly lead to myriad problems and diminished customer satisfaction.

With a dedicated effort to improve agent training, though, contact centers can minimize the effect that turnover has on agents’ productivity without putting underprepared personnel on the front lines. Notably, decision-makers can utilize speech analytics tools to ramp up new agents’ training, as these resources can deliver prompts for inexperienced representatives while they are on the line with customers. This allows contact center managers to provide their recent hires with actual experience without increasing the risk of a customer service disaster.


3. Use gamification
Another invaluable tool for improving agent productivity is gamification. Gamification is an increasingly popular strategy throughout enterprises, and the contact center is particularly well-suited to this approach. With gamification, agents can be encouraged to engage in friendly competition with one another in a variety of different areas. For example, managers may offer prizes to the agents with the best first-call resolution rates, highest overall customer satisfaction ratings, most upsells and so on. All of this information can be displayed on a leaderboard, and the competition can either be based on individuals or teams.

By encouraging friendly competition in this way, agents will be more motivated to go above and beyond, increasing productivity across the board. And, as with the IVR strategy outlined above, this technique has the added benefit of improving morale, as most agents will likely find the competition to be fun and enjoyable. This, combined with the sense of appreciation that rewards can bring, can even increase the organization’s retention rate, further improving overall productivity.


What’s next?

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