Can you, or Can’t you?

As we grow from childhood and begin to make decisions on our own, the internal programming and external influences of our life begin to help/hinder our decision making process. We always have a choice, but occasionally it can be a challenge. Consider this…

If you train to run the 100m dash, the muscular and mental capabilities needed to run that race are specific. You would need to practice running short distances, as fast as possible. Increase the strength of your legs and core so that you are able to exert as much force and forward momentum as your body can on race day. Your body becomes adjusted to this type of training and becomes, over time, very good at running this race. The muscles are ready, able and willing to train for this type of race.

Let’s just say that you no longer want to run the 100m dash, but wish to become a marathon runner. Would it be wise to train for a marathon in the same way that you did for the 100m dash? The obvious answer is no. A marathon runner needs endurance and stamina to continue running for several hours, rather than a 100m race that’s over in about 10 seconds.

So, what needs to be done? First of all, the training must change. Start practicing longer distance runs to help the muscles become used to exerting energy for sustained periods of time. Perhaps the food one is eating should change; the race is no longer over in a matter of seconds, so the chocolate bar for energy before the race will be a serious detriment to a marathoner.

The point is this; it will be a challenge to make a switch from 100m running to marathon running. Many aspects of the two races are very different from one another, but there is always going to be one variable that will remain constant. That one variable will be in place for every day of your life and it can help or hinder you as you choose. That variable is your mind – your choices. Whether you choose to continue along the path that’s become ‘easy, comfortable, not too challenging and usually successful’ (i.e. 100m dash) or challenge yourself and make a change that will require work, determination and planning (i.e. marathon running), that one variable is always able to be determined by you. Without fail!

It’s true, that we Telaxians are a crafty bunch, but I’m certainly not suggesting that we run marathons every week! This idea though is transferrable across any life circumstance; athletics, your personal life, or business. If a Telaxian finds him/herself in a bind with a business scenario, there’s no question about how it will be handled. Our company values and our SMaC (Specific, Methodical and Consistent) principles help to guide our decision making and our ‘go forward’ actions every time. This is not a dictator’s iron fist mandate that we must follow, but rather a suggested set of ideas that we as a company have adopted and learned to love. They provide a framework to effectively make our ‘can do’ attitude as efficient as possible.

Take a step back today and think for a moment how you tend to respond to challenges in your life and your work. Do you generally believe that you can, or that you can’t?

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