What Ensures a Positive Customer Experience?

Based on an IQPC study, it seems organizations understand the importance of the customer experience and measuring this experience should go beyond the telephone to include multi-channel interactions (email, phone, social media, fax, SMS). Many of these organizations are not reaching these preferred levels of success due to an inconsistent multi-channel customer experience.

Consumers today expect to be able to reach a company via their preferred channel and receive positive, helpful service. This can be a challenge for traditional call centers that do not have the software in place to optimize this process.

If your agents are frustrated with the tools they’re using and are finding it difficult to manage multichannel communications, your customers are going to pick up on that and the feelings of frustration will be passed to them. Think back to all the experiences you’ve had calling into an organization. I’m sure you’ve had both positive and negative experiences with agents: the happy, helpful agent (you can actually hear the smile in their voice), and the miserable, unhelpful agent whose tone is disengaged.

A study executed by LiveOps on the impact of happy agents proved that 92% of consumers were able to perceive the agents “happiness” and 66% of consumers agreed these experiences have a major impact on their impression of the brand overall.

In the same study, agents estimated that if they utilized an integrated agent desktop tool to manage multichannel communication (including social and mobile channels), their productivity would increase by 50%, resulting in up to $570,000 annual savings for the organization.

The success of a multichannel call center comes down to your agents, and the call center solution tools they have at their disposal. Multichannel communication is going to continue to grow. Having a solid process in place to make it as easy and efficient as possible will help ensure a consistent, positive experience for both your agents and customers.

So the answer to the question “what ensures a positive customer experience?” – Your agents! Empower them with the tools to increase efficiency and service levels.

The entire Telax brand and culture surrounds this concept. Happy Agents = Happy Customers = A Happy Company = Happy Telax, because we’ve helped you succeed in providing exceptionally positive customer experiences. And Everybody’s Happy.™

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