Outbound Dialing and the Truth about Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialer concept works on the premise that a certain percentage of calls will not be connected either due to no answer, busy signal, disconnected numbers or answering machines.

“The prediction ratio is never perfect. This means that with a predictive dialer your organization either has reps waiting to be connected or consumers’ waiting for long periods before being connected or simply being dropped. The consumer experience is typically quite negative. Many consumers report that as soon as they receive a call that starts with a long pause, they hang up.” – Wikipedia & 360leads.com

Call abandonment results from the predictive dialer connecting to a live person but not finding an available agent to transfer the call. This inevitable call abandonment has required the US government to include a regulation on telemarketers to regulate the percentage of “nuisance calls” or “silent calls” as they are commonly known, that they are allowed to generate.

Therefore predictive dialers are often associated, with good reason, to telemarketing “sweatshops” that are fed the phonebook to “dial for dollars”. Telax does not believe that this is in line with the high value our customers place on their customer service and does not recommend the use of predictive dialers. In addition, the boutique size of effective customer service teams does not enable the efficiencies promised by predictive dialing to be realized and in fact increases the chances of a high number of abandoned calls to be generated.

As mentioned previously, Telax only engages clients that are focused on providing exceptional service and predictive dialers do no align with exceptional service objectives.

The Telax outbound functionality creates efficiency for our customers and value for yours, without compromising service quality and customer satisfaction, by providing a true blended outbound progressive auto-dialer. This includes a messaging system to deliver a message to a live answer, with the option to connect back to an agent, leave messages in voicemail and also attach the message to an email, in order to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time, when the need arises for our customers. The requirements typically labeled as “predictive” are therefore addressed from a power auto-dialing perspective that we believe is a better suited, innovative solution to address the customer service best practices to which our customers have demonstrated its commitment.

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