3 Awesome Apps for Companies with Remote Workforce

As a company with a focus on cloud technology and customer service, our team is always researching the latest and greatest ways to do business with a smile! Recently, we found an article by Zappos highlighting the benefits its open floor plan.

It immediately caught our attention.

We thought, Fantastic! A way to achieve togetherness, fun, and productivity!

We posted the link to our Twitter account, citing the floor plan as “gold” for Zappos, which is known for its rock star customer service and company culture.

Imagine our delight when Zappos took a moment to reply!

“That’s for sure! It provides us with what we need as a company, and it has worked. Are you all set up like that as well? *RB”

“We have many remote team members,” we replied, “so our commune lives within @SlackHQ where we chat up a storm all day!”

The interaction got us thinking about other companies that employ team members across the continent and the globe. Are we similar in the ways we maintain company culture and camaraderie?

Here is how we do it at Telax!


As we mentioned in our Tweet, Slack is our commune. We have channels for announcements, articles and books we’ve read, important decisions, and critical technical issues.

We chat about nothing and everything, posting kid pictures, our favorite Netflix series, and industry updates.

It’s about collaboration while enjoying one another’s company.

What is Slack?
Slack markets itself as a messaging app for teams who are changing the world and we couldn’t agree more. It allows us to talk in real time, organizing our conversations by category, allowing for private messages and *emoticon* responses. Really, what’s better than emoticons?


We recently implemented Bonusly as a way to recognize one another for work well done. This is a peer-to-peer recognition application that takes the place of expensive employee programs.

It’s easy and fun to use! We award points to one another for a job well done, whether it’s maintaining a strong company culture, successfully troubleshooting a client problem, or offering peer-to-peer support.

Our recognition is immediately posted to Slack, so we can get all jump in and celebrate!

What is Bonusly?
Bonusly’s point system is more than lip (or click) service. Each employee has 20 points to give out per month. Once we accumulate points, we can use them to purchase gift cards to places like Starbucks and Amazon.

The service is free for up to eight users, increasing to $3 per user per month for a Standard plan and $5 per user per month for a Premium plan.


We see Trello as a way to meet without meeting. Instead of jumping on the phone or holding a Skype call, we can post our projects to Trello boards and engage within each one.

We use Trello for our content and social media calendars, graphic design, and more. Just like Slack, Trello has a mobile app to help us keep up with conversation when we’re away from our desks.

What is Trello?
Trello is free (yay!) and easy to use. We use it for our content calendar, but you can use it for any projects you have. It will help your team communicate and stay on task!

What Are Your Go-To Apps?
As a technology company, we love new apps and are always sharing new discoveries (within Slack). Whether you are a remote company or share office space, what apps do you use to enhance company culture and communication?

Find us on Twitter and let us know!

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