Don’t get Netflixed

Here at Telax, we (good-naturedly, of course!) often use the phrase, “Don’t get Netflixed!” as an inside joke that encompasses our focus as a cloud contact center solution. Now, before we dig into what that means, we will provide the disclaimer that we love Netflix. After all, who doesn’t love binge-watching an entire TV series on a Sunday?

Moving on.

Our Netflix joke is rooted in our goal for partnering with communication service providers (CSP) to deliver a cloud contact center software to business customers. It’s how we sum up our benefit as both a technical and human answer to a problem for both parties.

Netflix is a billion-dollar company that has found massive success through pivoting its business model. Once focused on delivering DVDs through the mail, it became a streaming service when demand (no pun intended) called for it. But as successful as Netflix is, what would it be without high speed Internet?

Think of it as Usain Bolt showing up to the Olympics without cleats. He obviously can’t compete. Let’s say he borrows another athlete’s cleats and sets a World Record. Does the other athlete deserve some of the credit? No … but you better believe he’s telling everyone he knows that Usain Bolt set the record with his cleats.

Netflix requires high speed Internet to function, but the high speed Internet provider receives no revenue as a result. Even when providers offer their own video streaming services to compete, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they receive nothing from Netflix users.

What If …

Now let’s get crazy with our little analogy. What if Netflix decided to exclusively offer its service through a CSP such as AT&T or Verizon? Customers could no longer purchase Netflix as a standalone product, but would instead have to go through one of these providers.

That way, end-users could add the Netflix service to their high-speed Internet or cell phone package, consolidating it all into one bill. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

We wager that it wouldn’t just make existing Netflix customers happy, it would add to the company’s user base because it would be so easy to add on the service when signing up for high-speed Internet.


In our pretend scenario, Netflix is now integrated with service providers. In our made-up world, we are also engrossed in an epic House of Cards marathon. Okay, maybe that actually happened.

Suddenly, the service stops working. No! This was the best day ever! As easy as it should be to determine what is causing the outage, we can’t figure out if we have an Internet problem or a Netflix problem.

Lucky for us (in our made-up world), Netflix and our ISP are one in the same. We only have to make one call! Gone are the days of calling our ISP to be met with, “No problem on our end!” and then hearing the same from Netflix.

One group is solving our problem!


Who doesn’t love saving money? It’s one of the best pieces to this made-up puzzle!

Since Netflix would be offered through a CSP such as Comcast or AT&T U-Verse, those service providers would have the ability to discount or bonus the service as incentive. It’s standard practice in bundling services — your savings goes up with each added item.

Revenue All Around!

Did we mention our CSP (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast) is also thrilled in this scenario? That’s because customers are adding on a service that they would have purchased anyway, but they are making money. Brilliant!

What’s more, adding Netflix to its existing suite of services wasn’t a headache. It was easy because Netflix (in our made-up world) employs a team of people to help with integration and remain available for troubleshooting.

It’s like the old adage, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Okay, okay. We’re going to fess up. In this story, we are Netflix. That’s right, Telax is the service with an amazing team (if we do say so ourselves) that partners with communication service providers to deliver to business customers what they would have to purchase anyway i.e. cloud contact center solution
Walking back through our analogy:

  • Telax is offered exclusively through communication service providers. We no longer provide our cloud-based call center solution directly to the end user. Instead, we partner with communication service providers so they can provide a call center solution to their new and existing business customers!
  • Telax’s integrated contact center software makes troubleshooting a breeze. When our partners receive a troubleshooting call, they know they have access to Telax’s A-Team to help them resolve it. Once it’s fixed, they can report success to a happy customer that isn’t agitated because all is well after one phone call!
  • Telax allows for lower prices. Because our partners are bundling services, they can offer our call center solution for lower than an independent call center software provider.
  • Telax only makes money when our partners make money. We don’t sell our solution as inventory for providers to sell a la carte. We only make money when our partners sell our call center solution to their customers.

These four realities of Telax’s service makes up the true definition of our business tagline … And Everybody’s Happy!

What’s next:

  • Check out the whitepaper about why CSPs should offer Telax Cloud Contact Center.
  • Have question regarding how we can help to increase revenue by adding Cloud Contact Center to your portfolio? Click here to get in touch with us.

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