3 IVR Features That Will Help Your Business

Here at Telax, we recognize that the subject of cloud contact centers isn’t exactly the sexiest out there. How often do you go out on a Friday night and say something like, Man! I read about this amazing contact center product feature today! Let’s chat about it over a meal.

It may not be typical dinner conversation, but we love to talk about how we can improve services for our partners (communication service providers) to provide to their clients (businesses).

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Today, we’re going to talk about our IVR, or Interactive Voice Response system.

Our software offers standard features you will find with any IVR solution, but we really pride ourselves on the advanced features we’ve incorporated into the our cloud contact center software. Our IVR solution features — among other things — private data collection, multiple language options, an easy drag-and-drop user interface, and speech recognition.

Now, these advanced features may not look fancy to the end-user, but that’s exactly the point! We work hard to ensure our IVR call center system is that it is simple and effective behind the scenes to translate into quality performance for you and your clients.

Private Data Collection

Customers can be finicky about their personal information. They don’t want to give their credit card information to a complete stranger over the phone.
No problem!

Our system allows agents to transfer the call to a unique IVR menu that will take a customer’s private information before the system will transfers that call back to the original agent.

Yes, these are the things we get excited about!

Unique Language Support

All call center solutions offer menus in multiple languages, but the way we offer it is unique.

Instead of creating multiple call flows — one for each language — our system sets the language on the front side and the call flow itself doesn’t change.
This isn’t something a customer will recognize, but it makes life easier for those operating within the call center interface.
Translation? Less work.

It’s easy to pitch businesses on a product that results in less work, right?

Quality Customer Service

The best contact center solutions operate in the background and don’t cause a fuss. The last thing you want a customer service agent or customer to recognize and experience is a malfunction, error, or difficulty that comes about from using the software.

Our IVR system operates smoothly and optimizes the agent experience by carrying the context of the calls as they are transferred between menus, platforms (e.g. chat vs. phone call) and agents.

We make the user’s job easier!

  • When a customer calls into an IVR menu, the agent will receive customer information upon taking the call
  • Speech recognition can be enabled by a programmer with a single touch
  • Our web service API and customer data can be accessed without programmers
  • Communication types are consolidated into a single tool to optimize customer experience

The Exciting World of the Contact Center

We hope we injected a little excitement into talking about our IVR system! It’s something we are crazy-passionate about — we live and breathe IVR — and hope that comes across in our writing and through the unique ideas we are always coming up with to enhance the service!

As a communication service provider, we think you’ll love those unique ideas as well. Our solution is so easy to pitch to your business clients because it works seamlessly and effectively and carries the support of the Telax A-Team!

To learn more about what you’ll receive upon partnering with us, schedule a discovery call or click here to book a demo!

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