Why is our ACD system so special?

Automated Call Distribution, or ACD, is something every call center solution offers. At Telax, we give it a unique twist that helps our communication service providers and the business customers they serve deliver the most efficient tool set.

One way we do that is with skills-based routing, which is forwarding calls to the most relevant agent based on a particular set of skills. It doesn’t just factor in how long agents have been idle, but what they’re best at.

Since call center speak can get a bit cumbersome, we’ve put together an analogy to explain.

The Problem

Let’s say you recently purchased a high-end water dish for your cat. It plugs into the wall with a fountain-like feature to keep your cat entertained while drinking.

After having it at home for three days, the thing goes berserk and starts shooting water straight up in the air. You want to know if you can fix it yourself, so you call the manufacturer number on the back of the water fountain box.

You are led through the IVR menu and state that you are having difficulties with your cat’s water fountain. The system articulates that it will transfer you to the next available agent.

The Queue

The call center you’ve dialed addresses a variety of products by the manufacturer. You need help with your fountain, but the manufacturer also makes cat scratchers, toys, and food dishes.

After the “next available agent” picks up the line, you go through all of your personal information and carefully explain what is going on with your cat’s water fountain. The person apologizes for the inconvenience, asks you to hold, and then transfers you to a new agent who can help with this particular situation.

A few minutes later, a new agent picks up the line. You have to (once again) go through all of your personal information and then carefully explain what is going on with the fountain. This person is able to troubleshoot the problem and you fix the fountain. Turns out you put it back together incorrectly cleaning it!

What Just Happened?

While you’re happy the problem was fixed, you’re slightly annoyed you had to explain the problem twice. What could have saved you from that irritation is the call center implementing skills-based ACD.

Unbeknownst to you, the initial agent who picked up the line knew nothing about the particular fountain you had purchased. That agent asked you to hold and then transferred you to an agent who did carry that expertise.

Had skills-based ACD been implemented with that particular call center, your initial walk through the IVR menu would have resulted in you being routed to a “cat fountain expert” from the get-go.

How Does That Work?

ACD pairs the longest-idle agents in specific categories with callers as they call in. With skills-based routing, agents belong to multiple categories, ranked in their expertise in each area.

One agent may be the best at handling cat fountain malfunctions. Another may be better at food dish problems. Yet another agent may do better with customers who need to return something.

Digging Even Deeper

Let’s get really nerdy.

Imagine a world where your skills-based ACD routes callers to the most relevant agent, but your IVR can also detect the anger level of a caller.

So instead of simply selecting the most relevant agent based on expertise, it’s selected based on who best handles angry customers.
Don’t get too excited!

Telax ACD

Our skills-based ACD is a feature we love providing for our clients. The functionality of the system allows communication service providers to pitch businesses our call center solution with complete and total confidence.

After a solution is a true SOLUTION … then everybody’s happy!

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