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When Businesses Have Unique Contact Center Needs, We Send in the A-Team.

Our A-Team is Dedicated to your Customers’ Success

Today’s contact centers are under pressure to contribute significantly to top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. That, along with the demand to deliver a winning customer experience strategy, can make contact center implementation a daunting task. Thankfully, there’s Telax’s A-Team. The Telax A-Team works hand-in-hand with business customers to ensure that their cloud contact center fully realizes all of its goals.

Your A-Team will assist you in key areas:

Agent & Supervisory Performance

Reporting/Analytics & Best Practices

Contact Center Strategy

Customized Effectiveness & Performance Analysis

Solution & Technology

IVR & Queue Call Flow Design


Relationship Manager


Think of your Relationship Manager as team captain. Their role is to help you develop clear and measurable call center strategy that fulfills your business objectives and sets your team up for long-term success. And like any good captain, they help keep you on track every step of the way.
  • Acts as your point-person on a regular basis (contact your Relationship Manager anytime)
  • Gets to know your business goals and works with you to a develop a contact center strategy for success
  • Continually analyzes strategy; offering support and suggestions for improvement as needed
  • Identifies opportunities and works with A-Team to craft innovative/needs-based solutions
  • Ensures you achieve business goals and are meeting Key Performances Indicators (KPI)
  • Helps you secure internal buy-in for contact center initiatives from executive leadership teams


Solutions Guide


Your Solutions Guide is a genie when it comes to getting the most out of your cloud call center solutions. They’ll help you customize and implement contact center operations to align with your business and strategic goals. When it comes to optimizing your contact center, your wish is their command.
  • Make regular operational recommendations to enable ongoing process improvements
  • Design and implement IVR and reporting requirements
  • Develop and manage staffing protocols


Technical Lead


Like a guardian angel, your Technical Lead watches over your call center software, ensuring that everything runs smoothly 24/7.
  • Proactively monitors the health of your software to prevent problems before they happen
  • Works closely with your IT Team to ensure all features & functions are operating at optimal levels
  • Optimizes technical performance of your contact center solution and infrastructure
  • Liaises with other critical partners to keep systems running seamlessly at every touch-point


Telax A-Team helped a Wealth Management Firm
achieve $1.2+ Million in cost-savings.

Your contact center holds the key
to improving customer service.

Contact centers are the guardians of great customer experiences. But in order to succeed they need to be equipped with the right people, the right technology, and the right support. Our A-team brings years of contact center expertise to every project. From initial call center strategy, to ongoing planning, to execution, and everything that happens along the way.

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