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Several leading healthcare organizations have chosen
the Telax Cloud Contact Center Solution to deliver a
better Patient Experience. Here’s why.

Thanks to a robust architecture and best-in-class
functionalities, Telax can help Healthcare Providers of all
sizes deliver a superior service and successfully achieve
their digital transformation needs

Improve the Patient Experience

Improve the Patient

  • Enable patients to reach you using their preferred contact method with Omnichannel queues and streamline all Phone, Web Chat, Email, SMS and Social Media communications.
  • Leverage Advanced IVR functionalities and routing rules to ensure patients are directed to the proper care team members more rapidly.
  • Alleviate staing pressures with self-serve capabilities for information, scheduling, payments etc.

Facilitate Patient

Facilitate Patient
Outreach & Engagement

Leverage our powerful Dynamic Notifications feature to reduce appointment no-shows and increase engagement between visits. Easily set up automated outbound voice, SMS or email messages for:
  • Appointment reminders,
  • Pre-visit readiness and adherence reminders
  • Follow-ups and informational messages
  • Billing and collection reminders

Industry-Specific Use Cases

Increase Operational

Increase Operational

  • Rapidly identify and react in real time to service-impacting situations thanks to Reporting Capabilities, visual dashboards and threshold alerts.
  • Proactively measure Patient satisfaction
  • Measure sta adherence to schedules and service-levels in real-time
  • Benefit from the unparalleled scalability and survivability of a fully hosted and managed solution, at a fraction of the IT and Maintenance costs associated with on-premise systems.

Maintain High Compliance

Maintain High Compliance

  • Ensure regulatory requirements are met across all channels with a fully HIPAA Compliant platform.
  • Benefit from PCI Compliant solutions for payments and collections.
  • Mitigate risks, ensure quality and meet necessary legal requirements with Call & Screen recording features and flexible storage options.
  • Meet all Canadian Data-Sovereignty requirements.

Industry-Specific Use Cases



Rapidly growing CCaaS market. Est. $20 billion by 2019 and $30 billion by 2023:

  • Personalize the Patient Experience and add context to Interactions
  • Route contacts requests more efficiently
  • Increase self-service opportunities

Extended Care Team

Extended Care Team

Provide enhanced Care Team collaboration capabilities by seamlessly integrating typically “offline” personnel in the Contact Center contact flows.

Ensure anywhere / anytime accessibility via desk phones and/or mobile phones for:

  • Support staff
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Specialists
  • External Clinics and Partners

Maintain full visibility on the Patient Contact from start to finish.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

Reducing Missed Appointments

Use Case Name Here

Use Case Name Here

Use Case Name Here

Some of the leading healthcare organizations that have
chosen Telax as their Contact Center solution

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