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Discover the full extent of Telax’s powerful Reporting Capabilities and turn metrics into actionable insights.

Optimizing Contact Center performance requires one thing: Data. Telax will provide it.

Managing Contact Center operations without full visibility on key metrics is not just difficult. It’s impossible. While our real-time dashboards make it possible to monitor exactly what is going on right now, making informed staffing decisions often requires the ability to measure performance over different time intervals. With a library of hundreds of reports available right out of the box, and the ability to add custom reports, Telax provides Contact Center managers with the necessary agent performance and queue activity metrics to make the right decisions.

Ready-to-Use Reports

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Agent performance
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Queue performance
  • Detailed serviced, abandoned and missed calls reports
  • Classification and tracking reports
  • Inbound and Outbound Billing reports

Examples of avaitlable Custom Reports

  • First Call Resolution
  • Talk Time intervals
  • Daily Transfers by agent
  • Custom Call tracking
  • Weekly Department Report
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